Read-a-Thon 2nd update (7:30pm)

I’m still here reading along! I had meant to post more often but I couldn’t stop reading “Catching Fire” – whoever said it was a page turner was right! I’m on page 192 of 275. The plan of having fun reading without any expectations of anything is the best plan (for me anyway).

Anyway, after I made the previous post I went around and commented on all the readers I was assigned too. Then I read until it was time for dinner – which I went out for. Now I’m back and ready for a second round of cheerleading and then I’m going to read for a bit longer and then maybe watch some episodes of Castle (on DVD). That so counts as reading! It’s a show about an author who gets to hang out with a detective! He’s literary! And .. and I’ll be “reading” the closed captions! So there! ;)

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  1. Erin says:

    I’ve traveled the world twice over,
    Met the famous; saints and sinners,
    Poets and artists, kings and queens,
    Old stars and hopeful beginners,
    I’ve been where no-one’s been before,
    Learned secrets from writers and cooks
    All with one library ticket
    To the wonderful world of books.
    ~ Anonymous ~

    I hope you’re enjoying your reading, wherever it’s taking you!!

  2. HAHA! I was totally suggesting that when we signed up. I thought it had to count as reading if I was watching a sub-title!

    Glad to see you’re still hanging in there. Food is mucho important ….speaking of which…going to need a snack soon.

  3. Iris says:

    I love your way of looking at “Castle”, even if I’m unfamiliar with what it is ;)

  4. Jen says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    @Iris – “Castle” is awesome! :) It’s about a mystery writer (Richard Castle played by Nathan Fillion previously seen on Firefly), who gets to shadow a NYPD detective (Kate Beckett played by Stana Katic) “thanks to his friendship with the mayor” – as it’s explained on the show. One of the cool things about it is that a couple of times we see Castle playing poker with real life authors – including Stephen J. Cannell, who recently passed away. Cannell was also an advisor with the show and there’s a great extra on the season 1 dvds where Nathan spends time shadowing Stephen to see how an author lives and works. Here’s some more info:

  5. Marsha says:

    All you fans
    in the internet stands
    give our readers
    a great big hand!!!

    Way to Go!!!
    Cheerleader Marsha

  6. Mandy says:

    I’ll be reading Castle’s newest book next. *laugh* I love reading fiction by fictional authors………especially ones that look like Nathan Fillion. Yum!

    Thanks for cheering me on.

  7. Memory says:

    Castle totally counts! Now I wish I’d saved last week’s episode for today. :)

  8. Cass says:

    Reading is fun, reading is great!
    Don’t overdo it, take a break!

  9. Samantha says:

    Keep it up you’re doing great, lots of good reading still awaits!

    Good luck with the reading and cheerleading! Hope you are having lots of fun!!!

  10. Sometimes I think heaven must be one continuous unexhausted reading
    Virginia Woolf
    Or, at least, one 24-hour-long exhausted reading! Keep it up!

  11. A nice little quote from my daughter to keep you going!

    “I just can’t help myself Dad, when I see words I hafta read them.” – 10 yrs old

  12. Psst….I’m still here! :D

  13. Ms. Marsha says:

    Let’s dance
    Let’s shout
    C’mon readers, shake it out!

    Hang in there
    Without a care
    Keep on reading as long as you dare

    Keep it up, you’re doing great! Marsha

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