“Dreyd” – “The Way of Thorn and Thunder” #3 by Daniel Heath Justice

Dreyd Book Cover

Title: “Dreyd” – “The Way of Thorn and Thunder” #3
Author: Daniel Heath Justice
Publication Date: September 2007
ISBN: 9780973139655
Number of Pages: 260

The Eternity Tree has fallen, and with it falls Sheynadwiin. The forces of Eromar ravage the Everland, and the skies are filled with the smoke and ashes of the burning forests. Those Folk who do not escape into the far mountains and hidden valleys are driven into the broken westlands of Humanity, where Dreydmaster Vald reveals the full vision of his grand ambition, one that will annihilate even the memory of the Kyn and their kind.

Yet not all the Folk walk down the Darkening Road. As the Redthorn Wielder, Tarsa’deshae, and her group of freedom fighters travel west to free their people, a young Tetawa Dolltender and her Strangeling compatriot head to the East, to plead their case to the Reachwarden in great Chalimor, the shining capital of the Reach of Men. Unexpected allies stand at their side, even as deadly enemies rise up to surround them. Yet surrender is not an option, for the Folk stand at the edge of oblivion.

Never since the Melding have they faced such danger. Will their roots hold fast, or will they be lost upon the storm?

Source: Daniel Heath Justice’s web site

The final book in the trilogy arrived a couple weeks ago and I jumped right into reading it. I wanted to finish the last part of the series and find out what happened to the characters. As I said in my review for Book 2 “Wyrwood” much of what I would say about this book I already said in my review of Book 1 – “Kynship

The final book was definitely worth the wait and I really enjoyed reading the conclusion of the story. It’s not the happiest of endings – and it couldn’t be considering the subject matter, but it is a hopeful one. I really liked that this trilogy focused on the struggles of the Folk to save their lands and their very lives – and they had to do it on their own. There wasn’t anyone who could save them – yes they had some allies among the humans but in the end it was up to them to save themselves.

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