“Wyrwood” – “The Way of Thorn and Thunder” #2 by Daniel Heath Justice

Wyrwood Book Cover

Title: “Wyrwood” – “The Way of Thorn and Thunder” #2
Author: Daniel Heath Justice
Publication Date: October 2006

ISBN: 9780973139679
Number of Pages: 227

The Sevenfold Council stands firm against Dreydmaster Vald’s treaty terms—they will not surrender the Everland. Their will is strong, but there is a traitor in their midst, and Vald intends to win this struggle…by any means necessary.

As the Everland is torn apart by invasion and the threat of civil war, the young warrior-Wielder, Tarsa’deshae, and the Tetawa Leafspeaker, Tobhi Burrows, travel to Eromar City, the centre of Vald’s influence, in hopes of rescuing the diplomats who have long languished in the shadows of Gorthac Hall. But only one remains alive, and he knows all too well the price for fighting the Dreydmaster’s will. It will take all their strength, courage, and good fortune to escape with their lives.

Whether they have a home to return to is another matter entirely…

Source: Daniel Heath Justice’s web site

I’m still enjoying this trilogy but I really do wish that the books had been published in one volume instead of three parts as much of what I would say about this part I already said in my review for “Kynship” – “The Way of Thorn & Thunder” #1. The great world building continues in this book and the characters are still interesting. It’s definitely got the “middle book of a trilogy” feel to it as it picks up exactly where the first book left off and ends with a cliffhanger. I’m waiting for the third part to arrive from the publisher. I do think the books do best read all at once rather than waiting in between for the next part.

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