Welcome to 2010!

Primary Goals

  • To read and review 25 books by the end of the year. The reviews must be longer than one or two paragraphs and need to be written in a way that explains more than just “I liked this book”. I will also include links to other reviews.
  • To visit and leave good comments at least three different blogs each week – and they can’t always be the same three blogs each week. Good comments means more than just “I agree with this” – I will give feedback, ask questions and/or add to the discussion with relevant information
  • To listen and learn about various issues that occur throughout the year and to link to important posts on those topics.
  • To follow the tips provided by James of Speculative Horizons in his post Things I’ve learned about blogging…
  • And most importantly: to continue having fun reading books and participating in the book blogging world. :)


  • Science Fiction Experience 2010 – Created by Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings, which runs from January 1, 2010 through February 28, 2010, without a specific goal other than having fun reading or watching science fiction.
  • The Diversity Rocks Challenge – with a goal of reading more books by Asian, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American authors, and not just books by black authors.
  • The Year Long GLBT Reading challenge – Created by Amanda of The Zen Leaf, with a goal of reading at least 4 books about GLBT topics and/or by GLBT authors.
  • Self Challenge: Authors/Characters with Disabilities – As a goal for myself I’m going to read at least 4 books by or about people with disabilities with an emphasis on choosing books that do a good job of portraying disabilities. I think I will end up reading a few biographies or memoirs for this challenge.
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  1. She says:

    Good luck with your blogging resolutions!

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