Catching up with TV shows

I’ve been neglecting to post about the TV shows I’ve been watching for the last few weeks and now on hiatus until the new year it’s time to catch up!

Shows I’m still watching

Fringe continues to be my favorite show. I’m loving every moment of it and hope it continues to be awesome. If you missed it you should check out the “Why You Should be Watching Fringe” post I put together with Lisa (@Imzadi1 on Twitter). Also have a look at Fringe Television for all the information you could ever need about the show. This is not to say that the show doesn’t have problems because it does have some problems. Most importantly Astrid is still horribly underutilized!

Castle is still fun to watch, especially since they don’t seem to have fallen into the trap of having Castle solve the cases all by himself, thereby making the actual detectives look ridiculous, which similar shows often do (Numb3rs runs into this problem all the time). Instead either Beckett and Castle have an idea at the same time or Castle has the idea, but it’s up to Beckett to put the clues together to solve the case. Also while Castle tends to annoy Beckett, he doesn’t actually interfere (much) with her doing her job (at least not this season). It should be noted that I have not yet seen season 1 (hoping to get it for Christmas), so I’ll have to see if the first season had more problems.

White Collar is another fun show with an interesting twist in it’s mid-season final. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes and also hoping that things really aren’t as they seem.

Shows I’m No Longer Watching

NCIS I’ve totally given up on this show… the characters have gotten too annoying and the plots boring.

NCIS:Los Angeles I watched a few episodes, got bored and stopped, and then caught up with the ones I missed and liked them. Then I saw last weeks episode and wanted to scream at the Television for how ridiculous they were being. Mainly it felt like they were totally clueless about how to conduct an investigation and were making some really bad assumptions about people and motivations based on war related injuries/disabilities and quite possibly race as well.

FlashFoward I tried to watch a few episodes but I never liked the main characters and found their marriage issues over the top and boring. Other characters we’re not interesting enough to be worth watching.

The Forgotten I watched one or two episodes but found the characters uninteresting and the plots a little too depressing – especially with the voice overs by the dead victims.

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