Moff's Law

I found the an answer to the question I’ve been thinking about all day – What to say to the people who say “But it’s just for fun!” or “Stop taking it so seriously!” with regards to things like TV shows or movies that others may find troubling or offensive in one way or another:

Quoted from Tobias Buckell (Moff’s Law), who quoted from Racialicious (And we shall call this “Moff’s Law”), who in turn quoted it from a commenter, (Moff), on io9 in the comments of Annalee Newitz’s post about Avatar

Of all the varieties of irritating comment out there, the absolute most annoying has to be “Why can’t you just watch the movie for what it is??? Why can’t you just enjoy it? Why do you have to analyze it???”

Believe me, the person who is annoying you so much by thinking about the art? They have already considered your revolutionary “just enjoy it” strategy, because it is not actually revolutionary at all. It is the default state for most of humanity.

You are basically saying, “I think people shouldn’t think so much and share their thoughts, that’s my thought that I have to share.” If you really think people should just enjoy the movie without thinking about it, then why the f*** did you (1) click on the post in the first place, and (2) bother to leave a comment?

NOTE: As I’m not sure who reads my blog I thought I should mention that I edited out one instance of strong language in the above quote. There is more in the original comment, be aware before clicking the links.

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