Fringe [2×07 – Of Human Action]

Putting this under a cut for spoilers for this week’s episode of Fringe and also things that are revealed in the preview for next weeks episode. Also be sure to check out the previous post – “Why You Should Be Watching Fringe“, co-written with Lisa.

The episode starts with what appears to be a kidnapping – only because this is Fringe, it’s never that simple. Granted I figured the kid was doing it from the beginning.

Last night’s episode was perhaps not the most exciting episode, but it was interesting and it shows how important the little things are with this show. The small hints and clues that build a bigger picture. There are parallels that can be drawn between Taylor and his “father” and Peter and Walter – lies that have been told and truths that Peter does not yet know. Walter’s reaction to his son being taken only highlights how much he needs Peter around and what would happen if he lost him.

The final scene with Nina writing to William Bell confirms some things we’ve probably suspected all along – that Massive Dynamic may in fact be the source of much of the events that are happening. What side will William be on in the coming war? And Nina?

Next weeks episode looks like it will finally reveal information about the Observers – who they are and what they want. It also looks like Walter might finally be telling Peter some hard truths. Here’s the preview:

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