Why You Should Be Watching Fringe

Tonight is Fringe night and Lisa (Imzadi1 on Twitter) and I want you to know why you should watch Fringe. Check out the list below, and then check out Fringe tonight at 9pm eastern on FOX!

  1. Two positive black main characters which is not seen often on TV:
    • Special Agent Phillip Boyles is a strong black male character, sometimes dark but loyal to the team it seems, and a former military Colonel.
    • Agent Astrid Farnsworth – currently under-utilized but with the potential to be awesome. She currently works as Walter’s assistant but is shown to have skills in language, cryptology and computers.
  2. Three strong female characters:
    • Olivia Dunham – is the main character, which you don’t see very often, especially in Science Fiction.
    • Astrid Farnsworth – She may be Walter’s assistant but she doesn’t let him get away with anything.
    • Nina Sharp works for William Bell at Massive Dynamic which seems to be heavily involved in the Pattern – is she friend or foe?
  3. Walter Bishop is the one of the most fascinating characters on TV – He was heavily involved in the Pattern before the lab accident and despite the holes in his memory it’s his knowledge that helps solve the Pattern cases.
  4. Peter Bishop is an intelligent characters with many layers that haven’t been revealed yet. There’s a mystery to his origins that we haven’t fully learned yet.
  5. The father/son dynamic between Peter & Walter is unique and sort of reversed because of Walter’s mental condition
  6. Nina Sharp and & Phillip Broyles appear to have had a prior relationship at some point – will we learn more?
  7. Actors from other sci-fi shows pop up now & then which is geektastic, & there were Star Trek references from an actor who was in an episode of the original Star Trek, in one episode last season.
  8. Most of the science is unlike anything we’ve seen on TV before & very fascinating. Even when the science is completely made up, it’s fun to see where they take it.
  9. The mysterious William Bell, who currently lives the parallel universe, is played by Leonard Nimoy!
  10. There is a war brewing between the universes and the Pattern is only the beginning. There are mysteries to unravel and truths to be learned.
  11. The Glyphs during commercial breaks make watching it interactive trying to interpret them
  12. Sebastian Roche, who played Kurt Mendel on Odyssey 5, will play the shape-shifter leader from the parallel universe.
  13. Who are the ZFT & what are their objectives?
  14. There’s a cow named, Gene!
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2 Responses to Why You Should Be Watching Fringe

  1. She says:

    This show is amazing. I love Walter– I think he makes me laugh every single episode. It is such a good, intelligent scifi show. Thanks for reminding me it’s on tonight!

  2. Trisha says:

    I love it! Those are great reasons to watch the show; the most important reason is, of course, the last. :)

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