NaBloPoMo Week One and Disability Challenge Idea

Looking back over the 7 NaBloPoMo post I’m not sure I’m doing a good job of posting interesting things. Lots of rambling posts that probably make more sense to me than anyone else. And a I’m not sure well my “when Characters act inappropriately” post was received because no one commented on it. Did people think i was over reacting or did it make anyone think about the characters they watch? I’m going to keep going with trying to post something every day because I want to actually complete it since I bailed on the Novel Writing Month.

My last post was about my original fiction idea, and it touched on a topic that I’ve wanted to explore with all of the other diverse reading I’ve been doing. There are challenges for reading books by and bout people of color, by GLBT, and women but I still haven’t found a good challenge for and by people with disables. It’s also frustrating that you don’t see characters with disabilities in fiction unless they’re being used as a “life lesson” for the main characters. Or if they’re not a life lesson they’re portrayed as being amazing people for living with their disability – instead of people who happen to have a disability. Check out the TV Tropes pages on disabilities for more information about the various tropes. I’d like to set up a challenge, just not sure where to start. I’d want to make sure that the books being read don’t fall into the same stereotypes and tropes that a lot of books do.Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

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  1. Trisha says:

    I don’t know enough about authors or characters with disabilities to offer suggestions for a challenge with such a focus.

    As for the lack of comments, I’ve decided to write that off as part of NaNoWriMo. Comments have been rather lacking on my blog this past week too; heck, I can’t even get people to sign up for a giveaway of The Chosen.

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