TV Shows Watched, Week of October 11, 2009

NCIS [7×04 – “Good Cop, Bad Cop”] – Ended up finding this episode boring. I’m not convinced it was necessary to know what had happened. Also the characters just seemed off in this episode. I’m not really sure why but no one felt familiar… (I think I’m just bored with the characters, and tired of the snarky relationships, and ready to move on…)

NCIS: Los Angels [1×04 – “Search and Destroy”] – I’m still interested enough in the character interactions to keep watching this show, but the plots really need to get more interesting soon! Especially if the weak plot means they resort to joking around about Facebook to often – think they took it a little farther than was reasonable…

FastForward – I’ve definitely given up on this show. Didn’t even bother to watch it last week …

Fringe [2×05 – “Dream Logic”] – I’m sure many people found this episode boring but after the my annoyance with the plot line in previous episodes this one was a welcome relief. I enjoyed the episode overall – especially the ending scene.

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