TV Show Comments: (NCIS, NCIS:LA, FlashForward, Fringe)

I have to admit to being rather disappointed with my shows this week, though only two shows really bothered me – NCIS and Fringe; the others were just weak episodes. I’ll put it all under a cut for spoilers (mostly for Fringe and NCIS).

NCIS [7×03 – “The Inside Man”] – Okay so we’re supposed to buy the fact that the NCIS team blew the investigation in the first place? Really? THAT team blew an investigation? Are the writers clueless? Or am I totally misunderstanding how the characters could have been that clueless to not realize something was up in the first place? And they have to work around the local police department in order to figure out what happened? And then they had that sub plot of the Polygraph tech telling McGee he had to retake the test in order to see him again – sure let’s make yet another female character act completely unprofessional while on the job. Yes Tony acts unprofessional most of the time but he’s also shown doing his work. Usually when there are female characters acting unprofessionally, that’s ALL we see them doing.

NCIS: Los Angeles [1×03 – “Predator”] – While this episode wasn’t as bad as the NCIS one I still wasn’t all that impressed. I didn’t like the way they used Kensi – sure it worked but it’s so stereotypical. And I did have some frustration with the continued use of Sam as the “tough guy” – it’s another stereotype. However it’s not as bad as other shows (Stargate, I’m looking at you). On the other hand Lisa (Imzadi1 on Twitter) and I were talking and we concluded that Dominic is probably there to balance out Sam, and Sam’s fighting skills are a product of his SEAL training – which includes other skills beyond just the fighting. Plus he’s teamed with Callen who is ex-CIA and while he probably has some fighting skills they may not be as good as Sam’s so naturally Sam is going to be the one to take down the suspects. Also Sam isn’t Ronon or Teal’c – he does more than just stand there and look scary, nor is he portrayed as having no knowledge outside the fighting and desire to take down the bad guys.

FlashForward – I don’t think I’ll be watching this show much longer. Too many complications and lies going around. Not to mention the characters just got tricked into letting a Nazi go free…. I might end up watching a couple more episodes to see where things are heading but I’m not expecting much.

Fringe [2×04 – “Momentum Deferred”] – The only good thing about this episode is that the “Idiot Plot” is over with, and we no longer have to watch the characters being that clueless. I had thought Olivia said it had been six months since the accident, but apparently I misheard and she actually said six WEEKS. It still feels like a long time and I find it odd that no one noticed any changes in Charlie for that amount of time. Especially given that he’s got a girlfriend (or wife – not sure which she was) – you’d think SHE would have noticed something. And then when the characters realized that the nurse wasn’t the shapeshifter I really expected Peter to connect the dots and realize there was a chance Charlie was the shapeshifter. Or even have Olivia wonder why Charlie had shot the nurse if she wasn’t the shape shifter, but no… no one thought of it, no one remembered who was alone with the nurse. Instead we got several minutes of boring filler scenes with Walter and the woman he’d done experiments on. And then there was a scene where FakeCharlie shows up at the lab while Astrid is alone and he sees the computer running the image program – and he goes and tricks Olivia into thinking Nina is the shape shifter… WHY would Olivia buy that? I mean really now… and then when she realizes Charlie is the shape shifter and they are fighting she HESITATES before shooting him almost giving him a chance to attack her again. AND THEN, we don’t get to find out if FakeCharlie did anything to Astrid – no instead we get more scenes with Walter and the woman, and Olivia crying about Charlie with Broyles… Did no one think that perhaps we’d be worried about Astrid? The good news is that Astrid can be scene in the previews for next week so we can assume nothing happened to her but still, very annoying. I DID like the flashback scene between Olivia and William – it was interesting enough that I can forgive most of the above BS. I’m just hoping the next time the writers decide to replace someone with a shape shifter, the other characters are smarter about it. I’m hoping that now that FakeCharlie has been exposed and killed I can go back to enjoying Fringe and understanding what is happening. Being annoyed with the plot kept me from fully following everything that was going on….

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