Fringe 2×04 – “Momentum Deferred” a 2nd Look

I decided to watch the episode from last night again to see how much I missed because I let my annoyance with the “idiot plot” distract me. After watching again I’m still rather annoyed and in fact there are probably more things that bugged me this time around. On the other hand I did pick up a few things I missed the first time.

Below are some things I noticed and then some thoughts about the plot line that bugged me so much…

Definitely 6 weeks since the accident, not six months like I thought. And Olivia was talking to Broyles not Walter like I thought. But it’s still a rather long time for no one to notice.

Don’t know why the Shape shifter was throwing the heads away … I know they don’t need them but it makes it obvious where they’ve been… of course it becomes clear no one was actively looking for them making it all to easy for them to hit the final lab…

Sill annoyed that no one considered that Charlie could be the shape shifter once they realized the nurse wasn’t the shape shifter.

Why did FakeCharlie let himself get so sick before dosing himself with the mercury? (And why did no one besides Walter notice that “Charlie” was sick?)

When they first start up the computer with the image program – isn’t it kind of obvious that it’s Charlie’s face?!?!?! Even with just an outline it looks exactly like him. (Granted I KNOW the shape shifter is Charlie so maybe it’s not as obvious as I think it is?)

I still think too much time was spent on Rebecca – with too many hints about Peter and being cut off before she can make a full statement. And in the end nothing she did helped them find the shape shifters – they counteracted the drugs in her system. So what we the point?

I do like the scene between Olivia and William – lot’s of good information there and it’s always nice to see Leonard Nimoy. (and J.J REALLY loves the lens flares!)

The sequence of FakeCharlie texting Olivia to tell her that Nina is the shape shifter is so random and convoluted… And then she just blurts out the location the shape shifters are looking for just as she gets the message that the image is complete and it’s Charlie!

And then there’s the fight between FakeCharlie and Olivia… both of them have guns and neither thinks to draw first…. why did Olivia hesitate long enough to let FakeCharlie throw her against the wall? And then in the end of the fight she hesitates before making the kill shot – almost allowing FakeCharlie to shoot her! I don’t care who it is, once you realize the person isn’t really them you shoot to kill, and freak out about it later!

And of course the scene cuts to another scene with Walter and Rebecca saying goodbye… time that could have been better spent letting us know Astrid was okay – that FakeCharlie didn’t do anything to her.

The end conversation between Broyles and Olivia was a bit annoying. It really felt like there was too much time spent on Olivia needing to be told she did the right thing. The whole scene was awkward mainly because we don’t even find out that the lab was hit until the very end of it. That should have been the FIRST thing she worried about, not being all upset that she shot “Charlie” – it wasn’t HIM! Not to mention it’s clear she still doesn’t seem to realize that Charlie must have been a shape shifter since the hospital encounter. She’s acting like “they” killed him to help find the heads or something.

Okay I realize a lot of my annoyance is coming from the fact that I know more than the characters do and it’s hard to tell how much they should actually know. I still think they were rather ridiculous but still…

Olivia is still recovering from the trip to the other universe and the accident so I can see that she’d be off her game. Plus it IS to be expected that she’d be upset to discover that Charlie wasn’t really Charlie – and the fact that she had to fight her life against someone who looked like Charlie (I’m sure from her pov it was a few seconds without time to really think) – but because I’ve known for the last three episodes it’s seems ridiculous that she didn’t figure it out soon and reacted that badly to finding out.

Peter I can’t really explain. He was there, he saw that Charlie shot the nurse. They knew about the shape shifter so I can’t really buy him not making the connection.

As for no one noticing something was up with Charlie – I wonder how much contact they’ve actually had with him over the last few weeks? He was only in the second episode for a few scenes and not in episode 3 at all. And then in this episode we saw him a lot. Walter greeted him happily as if he hadn’t seen Charlie in a while – does that mean “Charlie” had a reason to be out of touch for a while? Did Olivia have minimal contact with him as well over the last few weeks – she was probably off duty for a while so it’s possible… Still doesn’t explain Charlie’s girlfriend – unless they broke up?

So I suppose we could make excuses for the characters not knowing or not realizing, but I still don’t like the plot line, and I’m really glad it’s over. Hopefully the next few episodes will bring back the awesomeness that was season 1 of Fringe.

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