Catching up on Books Read & TV Shows Watched

Before I get into the actual commentaries, I wanted to welcome my brother to my blog. I ended up showing him my previous post (“Learning to Pay Attention to the Stereotypes“) because he wanted to know why I wasn’t watching Stargate Universe. Now I’m trying to get him to do at lest one guest post about some of the books he’s read lately. His bookshelves are bigger than mine and filled with a greater variety of books than I have. It’s vary annoying (and all kinds of awesome) that my little brother – who used to hate reading! – actually has more books than I do at this point! Anyway hopefully I’ll get something from him soon – especially if he’d like to talk about his comic collection as that’s not an area I’m familiar with.

And speaking of that blog post Trisha of Eclectic / Eccentric has posted a follow up that focuses more on books and ideology whereas mine was focused on TV shows. Have a look!

Now for the books I’ve read – I finished two books within the last few weeks but never got around to writing up a review for either of them. Unfortunately part of the reason I hadn’t was because I didn’t really enjoy the books all that much. They weren’t bad books just they ended up not being all that interesting. I did want to finish them because I was reading them for challenges, but instead of trying to do full reviews (even short ones) I decided to just post some comments here.

“Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury
Publication Date: 1970
ISBN: 9780380729401
Number of Pages: 306
Comments: I read this book for the RIP Challenge, and while I liked the overall “good verses evil” story line I wasn’t exactly sure what all was happening within the story. Much of the book read like a very long and involved poem with metaphors more than anything else. There also wasn’t really enough dialogue to follow along with what was happening – and a lot of what there was, was internal musings by he characters. I also noticed how male oriented the book was – very little contact with female characters and were dismissed as not important or worth paying attention to.

“Absolute Brightness” by James Lecesne
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 9780061256271
Number of Pages: 408
Comments: I read this book for the GLBT challenge and I really wish I had enjoyed it more. Part of the Synopsis reads: “This is the story of a luminous force of nature: a boy who encounters evil and whose magic isn’t truly felt until he disappears.” I think part of why I didn’t like the book was because I didn’t like the POV character – granted she was probably a realistic character but I just couldn’t connect with her or understand her. Since it was written in first person point of view we only got her interpretation of what was going on and it made it difficult to follow along. It was especially difficult because she would spend long passages thinking about random things that only marginally connected back to the main plot.

And now for the TV Shows I’ve watched …

NCIS [7×02 – “Reunion”]: A decent episode and it’s nice to see Ziva back on the team. I’m glad everything was resolved especially the situation between her and Tony. I was also impressed with the lecture Abby gave Ziva – it was kept from being over the top by the fact that Abby was telling herself why Ziva did and acted the way she did.

NCIS Los Angeles [1×02 – “The Only Easy Day”]: Decent episode but I’m hoping the characters get a lot more interesting. I am enjoying the friendship between Sam and Callen – and the fact that Sam seems to be just as in charge as Callen – giving orders just as much as Callen does. Wasn’t thrilled with the scene where Sam throws the suspect against the wall though… perhaps not the best thing to have that character do….

FlashForward [1×02 – “White to Play”]: Two episodes in and I’m worried it’s going to be too character focused for me. Not sure I want to put up with the melodrama of everyone’s reactions to the event. I don’t care of it’s realistic – I want more action and less human emotion… Oh well I’m still courious enough to give it a few more episodes. I’m definitely reading the book version soon.

Fringe [1×02 – “Night of Desirable Objects”] / [1×03 – “Fracture”]: This is still my favorite show no matter what. Yes I did think the last two episodes were a little boring but they did have interesting parts. Astrid is currently my favorite character along with Walter, though I’m hoping they give her more to do ASAP! I’m a bit troubled by the changes in Olivia and Peter – there’s a totally different feel from the first season that is taking some getting used to. I’m also hoping the situation with Charlie is resolved soon as I spent last week’s episode glaring at the screen every time he was on-screen… and then he wasn’t even in this weeks episode!

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  1. Trisha says:

    I tried Something Wicked years ago and only made it like ten pages in; maybe it’s not worth trying again. I was impressed by the Abby mono-dialogue too.

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