Series Premieres: "NCIS: Los Angeles" and "The Forgotten"

Brief comments on the two series premieres I watched. I’ll write more in depth comments after I’ve seen a few more episodes.

NCIS: Los Angeles

As with NCIS it’s a good thing the characters of the spin off were interesting or else I don’t think I would have kept watching. The plot was rather simplistic and predictable. However Amanda (of The Zen Leaf) and I were talking on Twitter and we decided that perhaps the case wasn’t important but rather the characters reactions to the case. That the case served as a means to introduce the characters and show us how they work together.

The Forgotten

Interesting premise and the characters were interesting but I’m not sold on the show yet. The voice over with the victim made for a rather depressing show. And the resolution is rather bittersweet – yes the family finally has closure but their relative is still dead. The same thing happened with “Cold Case” – eventually I reached a point where I had to stop watching the episodes for my own sanity.

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2 Responses to Series Premieres: "NCIS: Los Angeles" and "The Forgotten"

  1. Trisha says:

    NCIS: LA – I could not agree more. There was much less action and excitment in the episode than I was expecting. And while I can see how the use of a more simplistic plot to highlight the characters is feasible – were the characters really that interesting? I suppose the whole “G” has no name, comes from an orphanage, just got shot thing is intriguing; but I didn’t feel the other characters were forefronted much. I’ll keep watching though because I just adore the original. :)

    The Forgotten – I had high hopes for this one too (hello Christian Slater), but I was just bored. At one point, I wondered if the bulk of the show was going to watching them walk around with flyers….

    Sorry for the long comment. I actually have a post in the works about the new shows I tried this week, so this was on my mind!

  2. Jen says:

    You’re right that the characters on NCIS:LA weren’t that interesting, but I do think they were interesting enough to want to find out more about them. Plus there’s the whole thing where I tend to give pilot episodes a free pass for most things since most of the time it IS the episode that has the most information dumped on the audience at once and where the characters aren’t developed much beyond the introduction of them.

    Agreed on the Forgotten – as they aren’t police officers it doesn’t seem as though they’ll get much action – just a lot of walking around asking questions.

    Hey long comments are cool – especially as I don’t get many comments on this blog yet. My previous post was about the season premiere of NCIS if you want to check that out.

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