NCIS 7×01 – "Truth or Consequences" (Spoilers)

I have to say it’s a good thing I love the characters of NCIS as much as I do or else I think I would have given up on the show last season. The season premiere of NCIS was pretty boring as for as plots go. Nothing much happened other than the obvious. On the other had it was a great team episode. Yes the whole thing was a cliche but it was one of those cliches I’m willing to put up with.

I do have to admit that I didn’t much like the scenes where they were trying to find a replacement for Ziva. There were a lot of sexiest elements to it, especially where it become obvious that the reasons why none of the options would work out was because they were too “weak” for the role. The scene where the one candidate runs out of the office crying after meeting Gibbs was especially troublesome. Yes I realize they were trying to show that only Ziva could fill the role but I think there were better – less sexist – ways of doing it.

I also thought the final scene with the standing ovation to Ziva’s return was a bit ridiculous. Not to mention probably humiliating for Ziva since she had to be saved… Which leads to the aftermath of this episode. I am a little concerned about how it will play out. The problems between Ziva and Tony is still there, not to mention the trust issues with the rest of the team. Things got really strained at the end of last season with them not really knowing where Ziva’s loyalties lied. The fact that Gibbs let her go so easily to start with speaks to how he felt about the whole situation. On the upside from the preview I does look like the issues will at least be discussed – as for how well they’re resolved we’ll just have to wait and see.

Other things I’m hoping for this season include:

1) Less of the “immature little girl” Abby that we’ve seen in the last couple seasons and more of the “eccentric but professional” Abby that we saw in the early seasons. If there’s another episode like the Christmas episode where she acted like a little girl excited to see Santa instead of a professional adult who can realize that it’s someone dressed as Santa (it was a colleague of Ducky’s who had come in to help on a case and happened to be dressed as Santa) I don’t think I’ll be willing to put up with it any longer.

2) Less immature humor that ends up making characters who should know better look ridiculous. The episode where Tony manages to trick Tim into thinking he was chatting with a women on the internet was ridiculous. There’s no way Tony who knows nothing about computers would be able to fool Tim the computer expert! Honestly, what were the writers thinking?

I do think that the above issues are due to how long the show has been on the air. I get the feeling that the writers are bored with the characters and are just going for the easy humor rather than thinking things through. Perhaps seven years is too long for a show to stick around. I was actually grateful that Atlantis ended after season 5 so I no I’m clearly not one to think that shows should last forever. Sometimes they need to end for their own good before the characters are completely ruined by sloppy characterizations and plots that require them to be idiots to work.

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4 Responses to NCIS 7×01 – "Truth or Consequences" (Spoilers)

  1. Amanda says:

    I liked last season, but not the year before that.

    As for the standing ovation, I got the impression it was more for the team making it back alive from their rescue mission than for Ziva. I don’t think there were ever any real questions about her loyalty, either. I think Gibbs gave her up because she gave him an ultamatum (sp). He knew she needed time to think things out, so he let her go. I thought that was great character development. Gibbs has never stopped trusting her, no matter what the stupid new director says. I wish they’d stop making the director’s position important to the show. The old director sucked, and so does this new one.

  2. Jen says:

    I probably need to see the whole season 6 again to be sure but I remember wincing at a lot of the ridiculous humor – especially the two I mentioned in in this post. The 5th season I remember there being several good ones but still a lot of immaturity.

    Good point about the standing ovation – I still think it was a bit overdone and silly but I’m not quite so annoyed on Ziva’s behalf. Also good points about the trust issues between her and Gibbs.

    Agreed on the director as well. Neither Vance or Shepard were very good and seemed to cause more problems then help. It also doesn’t help that Gibbs is an older white male and the two directors he’s had the most problems with were a female and a younger black male… Yes I realize it was stated that he had conflicts with the first director that was there at the beginning of the show but we’ve seen a lot more with the latest two.

  3. Amanda says:

    Abby’s personality doesn’t bother me at all. I always see her personality as her own, and any of those types of things like you mentioned are just her fun-factor coming through. Like me – I’m one of those people who refuses to believe you can stand eggs up on any day of the year other than the two equinoxes. Do I know this isn’t true? Of course. But I would never admit it unless it was an example like this. Abby really makes me happy on the show.

    Honestly, I didn’t see a lot that bothered me last season except that the plots seemed more hackneyed and unrealistic. I know they got new writers, and I think that had something to do with it. I can’t remember if it was season 4 or 5 that I didn’t like. Whichever one had Tony falling in love with Jeanne. There were some great episodes in there, but that’s when everything started unraveling, and they changed the characters so much that it upset the balance. It doesn’t make sense for Tony to go back to his boyish flirting ways after that. Not so quickly at least.

  4. Jen says:

    I figured out the Plug in that allows you to sign up for comment notification!

    I’ve been thinking about what you said about Abby and to me it seems that she’s gotten a lot more hyper and at times obnoxious as the show has gone on. In the past I’ve been okay with her eccentricities because she was always doing her job regardless of anything else. Lately it seems as though she is spending more time “acting out” than actually working and it’s starting to bug me. In the Christmas episode Ducky noticed and called her on it when she was hassling his colleague dressed as Santa. Gibbs also got frustrated with her when she called the suspects family while the case was still on going. It seems that her actions are starting to interfere with the cases where as previously they didn’t have any impact at all – they just added some humor to the episode.

    Admittedly there is also some personality conflict going on. I tend to have a low tolerance for silliness, especially in an environment where work is supposed to be getting done. And that applies to TV shows as well which is why I’m starting to get very annoyed with NCIS – too much comedy (from everyone, not just Abby) at the expense of professional behavior. And one of the reasons why I finally said enough is enough when it comes to Stargate as the same thing happened with Atlantis.

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