It’s FRINGE Day!

Fringe Season 1 DVDsFringe has become my new favorite show – which I probably shouldn’t admit to because every time I say I have a favorite show something bad happens to the show! On the other hand, I do feel that Fringe has a much stronger production and writing team than some other shows I’ve liked in the past. It’s definitely much better written than the Stargates – both in the plots and the characters.

I re-watched the first season of Fringe last week and there wasn’t a single episode of the first season that I didn’t like, nor were there any that I skipped over when I was re-watching, which is rare for me. Even when like all of the episodes I tend to skip the ones I find boring the second time around. Of course with Fringe is the kind of show you need to watch more than once to get everything. Plus it’s always fun to see the team in action! I do think the science and the medical knowledge needs some work as some of the mistakes are rather obvious. For example the supersize cold virus in “Bound” is completely impossible, and removing too much spinal fluid won’t paralyze or kill you as suggested by “Midnight” as it’s constantly being replenished. Yes it’s science fiction but I do believe that the science facts but there’s got to be some bases on reality.

Some have said that “Fringe” is too much like “The X-Files”, but I don’t agree as I think there are too many differences to make a comparison. There’s no basement office where the cases are hidden away because no one believes, and there’s no obsessed FBI agent looking for the truth about his sister and attempting to prove government conspiracies. Instead it seems everyone who needs to knows about The Pattern and the events that are happening. Broyles has clearly been investigating the events for a while before recruiting Olivia and he’s got a whole department on it. There aren’t any cynics getting in the way of the cases (with one exception and he never interfered as much as he could have thanks to Broyles). Even the cases are different – rather than being all paranormal or about aliens everything that has happened has involved technology we already know about – just taken a step further. I’m not going to argue over which show is better – I think both are great shows in their own ways, with stories that are told in totally different ways.

I’m still loving the fact that Olivia is the main character on the show and a strong female character at that. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and can get out of trouble all by herself. Granted she does have a tendency to rush into things a little to quickly and without backup but I would say it’s normal for this kind of show.

The growing relationship between Walter and Peter has been fun to watch. I love both of them – never know what is going to happen with either of them around. Not to mention there is a lot of history between them that we don’t know about yet and some things we do know that Walter really needs to tell Peter about.

I’m hoping Astrid gets to do more this season (and several interviews I’ve read indicate she does). While she provided some important information and helped Walter in his lab throughout the season, I did think she was in the background a bit to much.

While Broyels has been support of Olivia he does seem to know more about the Pattern and he’s clearly been working with Nina Sharp for a while now. Nina is the spokes person for Massive Dynamic which was created by William Bell – who may be responsible for the events that are occurring. Either way their are a lot of mysteries to unravel!

Fringe returns tonight at 9pm eastern standard time on FOX! Be sure to check out Fringe Television for tons do behind the scenes information about the show! They’ve got a bunch of videos with cast members talking about different elements of Fringe among other things. Spoilers for the first season abound!

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