Fringe 2×01 – “A New Day in the Old Town” (SPOILERS)

I thought I’d post a few comments about the episode before I went to bed. I enjoyed the episode for the most part and was thrilled to see the characters back again! I’ll put the rest under the cut for spoilers …

I loved all the scenes in the beginning when Peter and Walter were dealing with Olivia being “dead” and then to find out she wasn’t! I have to admit that while I enjoyed the scenes between Olivia and Peter after she woke up I wish there had been one with her and Walter. But of course I think they have a lot to talk to each other about – I’m not sure they’ve had any real interaction since Olivia confronted Walter at the bakery about what had been done to her as a child.

I do have to say that I was really not happy with the idea that Walter made Astrid make the custard … it wasn’t necessary and doesn’t seem appropriate for a number of reasons. I don’t want to see her continue being told what to do by Walter all the time. I know she introduced herself in season one as Olivia’s assistant but come on now, she’s a trained FBI agent she shouldn’t have to do Walter’s bidding all the time. I also noticed that they had Walter forgetting her name again – I thought they had stopped that half way through season 1?

Surprisingly I wasn’t as annoyed with the “you’re not getting results so we’re shutting you down” plot as I usually am. Of course in this case there was just one scene of Broyles being told they were being shut down rather than an entire episode focused on it. Also it was Broyles fighting for the division to stay open – and as someone of a higher rank he had more ability to try and stop it from happening. Also instead of sitting around whining about being shut down everyone worked on ways to get it back and they came up with the solution in the same episode. I did like the emphasis on the division trying to do more to prevent the events rather than just reacting to them as they happen.

There’s also the interesting scene between Broyles and Nina Sharp – they clearly have had a relationship in the past but I’m wondering how long they’ve really known each other – and how long they’ve been involved with the pattern? More puzzles to figure out!

I had hoped that the plot line of Charlie being taken over by the shapeshifter would be short lived especially because of the actor Kirk Acevedo’s comments about being “fired” on his Facebook page. Unfortunately it would seem that the comment was a joking reference to what happens to the real body of his character at the end of this episode. Check out Fringe’s Kirk Acevedo is a Punster on TV Overmind for more. I’m not a big fan of this plot because I know the person isn’t who they seem so it’s annoying that the characters don’t figure it out sooner. I am hoping they figure it out quickly – not sure I can buy an entire season of no one releasing it’s not really Charlie. It’s not that I’m not happy Kirk still has a job it’s just that I wish it didn’t mean this kind of a plot line.

Another troubling element was the scene in the end where the new agent was comparing the cases to the bible. I don’t think it’s a plot line that can end well no matter how it goes.

Did like the scene where Olivia was finally able to load her gun. I can understand her being freaked out and shaken up but I’m glad they ended the episode with her being okay enough to load the gun – showing that she IS going to be okay.

Looking over this I’m reminded of what I said in the previous post about what happens when I announce that I have a favorite show – that something bad usually happens. It’s not that bad yet but right now the show feels like it has the potential to go either way. On the other hand I’m still curious enough to see what happens in the next few episodes.

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