Saturday Scifi/Science Fiction Snark

Jason Standford deiced to ask “Is the term SciFi still derogatory?”

And after he got told (via Twitter), K. Tempest Bradford responded with – Sci-Fi Hate which includes the following:

Also, I have noticed that the majority of people who raise hell about Sci-Fi vs. SF tend to be folks who are older or have been in the community for a while. Snobbery and disdain from the literary community about science fiction was, if I understand correctly, a lot more virulent in the past than it is now.

To which of course The Crotchety Old Fan had to be crotchety and reply with “The SF/SciFi Generation Gap” which includes:

Well duh! We’re older = know better.  How tough is that to figure out? And as for the snobbery and disdain?  Honey – there ain’t much else to do but shuffleboard and dominoes at the old folks home, and those get boring mighty fast!  Besides, everyone here cheats!

(yes his post is meant to be funny)

To which K. Tempest Bradford responds: Cranky Old Person on SF/Sci-Fi

All I want to know is “Speculative Fiction” more or less offensive than SciFi? (If the wikipedia article I linked is correct that it is offensive at all).

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2 Responses to Saturday Scifi/Science Fiction Snark

  1. Carl V. says:

    I don’t quite understand why anyone would be offended by the term ‘sci fi’. Those who are, in my opinion, probably need to expand their horizons a bit and find more worthwhile things to get their ire up about.

    As for ‘speculative fiction’, I’ve never seen it as a replacement for the term ‘sci fi’. I’ve always seen ‘speculative fiction’ to be a more all-encompassing term that takes in science fiction, fantasy, and all the various subgenres of both, which there are many.

  2. Speculative Fiction was first used (so far as we know) by Robert Heinlein in a letter to John W Campbell. In that formative instance, it was used to refer to science fiction only, and was an attempt to provide a more academic-sounding name for the genre.

    Those who now use it in the wider sense (encompassing SF/F/H, etc) appropriated the term later. If one wanted to be more precise, I suppose it would make better sense to use the term ‘speculative literature’ to refer to the whole shebang.

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