"Heartshot" by Steven F. Havill

Heartshot Book Covers

“Heartshot” by Steven F. Havill (first in the Posodas County Mystery Series)
Publication Date: March 2000
ISBN: 9781890208295
Number of Pages: 208

Undersheriff Bill Gastner has no other life than in law enforcement–and doesn’t want one, even if hes being nudged gently toward retirement. When a car full of teens, running from a traffic stop, goes airborne into a rocky outcrop, all of the teens are killed and a package of cocaine is found under the seat. Has someone brought big-time crime to the county?

Source: Barnesandnoble.com’s “Hartshot” Page

This series was recommend to me by someone in one of the LibraryThing forums a while back and I managed to get a copy of the book a couple weeks ago. I didn’t realize it was written in first person point of view until after I got it so I figured I’d read it anyway because it cost $13. It’s not a bad book but I don’t think I’ll be getting the rest of the series because I don’t think they’re worth the cost.

Along with the usual problem of being stuck in one character’s head for the story I wasn’t thrilled with the main character. He was a good and professional Undersheriff, but there was too much of his personal life mixed in with the overall plot. Also he spent quite a bit of time complaining about the people he worked with, with the exception of one person. Plus it felt like the story just maundered along without being focused on anything – things just happened randomly and every so often there would be a new clue or idea about the case. Not only that but the case is “solved” in a rather cliche way that ruined my enjoyment of it and then the rest of the book is spent on unimportant things having nothing to do with the case but instead the police department in Posodas County.

I know I could get these and other books at a library for free but I’ve developed an aversion to touching used books that I haven’t been able to get over yet… I realize that books at a store probably aren’t that much cleaner because they’ve been handled by a number of people – both store employees and customers browsing, but still… touching used books that have been at people’s houses, being read who knows where? On the other hand it would save me some money, especially if don’t end up liking/finishing the book.

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