Another Random Sunday …

I still haven’t accomplished much on the reading front. The Star Trek movie novelization I was reading ended up being too silly to continue. It started out okay but as it went on more and more things were changed or added that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. I realize the author was trying to explain the character motivation but it just ended up feeling wrong in a number of places. To be fair I think it was more a matter of me having a different interpretation of the source rather than the author really being wrong.

As I mentioned last week I started reading “Ragamuffins” by Tobias Buckell, which I haven’t finished yet but do like. It took a bit for the story to really get going but it’s definitely worth reading. I might need to read it a second time later on just to make sure I’ve gotten everything. I also realized that all three of his novels – “Crystal Rain”, “Ragamuffins” and “Sly Mongoose” are set in the same Universe. The one I’m reading is the second one published and now I’m wondering if I should have read them in order. Since I’m following the author on twitter (@tobiasbuckell) I went ahead and asked.

This weekend my parents and I went to my brother’s college graduation. We had a great time but I think we all over did it since we came home yesterday afternoon and crashed. We were probably more active in the last three days than we have been in the last three months – we’re definitely out of shape! We’re still dragging a bit today.

On the watching front I saw Star Trek for the third time last week – it’s still awesome – though the WFT moments are pretty big and I dare not think to much about the plot (like most movies or TV shows really). I’m buying it on DVD for sure, there are still at least two scenes with dialogue that I haven’t been able to hear at all. There’s also one scene in the movie that the more I think about the less happy it makes me about the set up of the movie. I’m not sure it was a necessary thing to do and it does make it hard to believe that two characters really could be friends after that event. I might need to make a post about this later…

NCIS’s season final ended up going in a direction that has me seriously questioning if I want to continue watching. It wasn’t as bad as I feared but it was still troublesome. I’ve also reached a point where I am fed up with how women are treated on that show. It seems like every female character is doomed to be killed or end up doing something to betray their country and then be killed or develops an obsession with catching someone who hurt them in the past … and be killed. Except for Abby – though they’ve pretty much reduced her to a comic relief role which ends up with her looking childish and unprofessional more than anything else. I’m not sure if the sexism was always there or it’s just gotten worse over the years, or if I’ve learned to recognize it for what it is, but it’s definitely reached a point where I can’t ignore it any longer. Either way the show having a military setting isn’t a good excuse any longer.

Fringe’s season final ended with more questions than answers. My post “Fringe – Thoughts at the end of Season 1” goes into more detail (with spoilers). I’m still planing on watching the next season, but I’m hoping they give a lot more answers sooner rather than later.

Speaking of next season the networks have put up their fall schedules and there are a few shows I’m thinking about watching. I’ll write up a separate post about those shows later today or tomorrow.

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