“Star Trek” on the brain

This week has been Star Trek all the time. On Tuesday I saw the new movie – Star Trek – for the second time and loved it. I put a longer spoiler filled review.

Star Trek Comic

Also on Tuesday I bought the prequel comic “Countdown” by J.J. Abrams and company and the novelization of “Star Trek” by Alan Dean Foster

Star Trek 2009 Movie Novelization

I’ve read the comic and while it does a good job of explaining the event that led up to the movie and fills in some important information it doesn’t really help the bad science of the movie nor some of the plot holes – but it was still a fun read. I’ve started the novelization and am liking it so far. As always there have been some changes in dialogue and added scenes to explain things better, and for the most part they’ve made sense. There are a couple of added bits that bring up more questions than answers though. Edit: After reading a few more chapters I realized it wasn’t actually all that good. Further changes were made to the dialog and a few added scenes ruined the book – I’d rather see the movie.

Star Trek Movies 2 - 4

Because my brother has my DVD collection of the original Star Trek movies, and I wanted to watch the original movies I tried to find some new ones to by. Unfortunately all of the original DVDs have been discontinued. The good news is new sets are being released: The Star Trek Motion Picture Trilogy which has “Wrath of Khan”, “Search for Spock”, “The Voyage Home” – my three favorite Star Trek movies. There is another set which has all of the Star Trek movies (both original and next generation series), however it’s only available in Blue Ray for whatever reason. I watched the three movies on Friday and wrote up a post about my thoughts on all three movies.

I’ve also collected links to a few Star Trek reviews by others:

Stainless Steel Droppings: I Boldly Went … (no spoilers)

SciFi Chick: Star Trek (Spoiler-Free) Movie Review

Mount Helicon: Movie Review: “Star Trek”

SF Signal: What Did You Think of the New Star Trek? by John DeNardo which has spoilers and asks for reader opinion. And also More Star Trek Thoughts by JP Frantz

The Website @ the End of the Universe: Not everyone liked the new Trek movie with links to various negative reviews.

And finally an interesting article I found a bit ago:

Leonard Nimoy: ‘Star Trek’ fans can be scary

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  1. Frances says:

    Star Trek fans can be scary, but not us right? Thanks for all the great links. Something I have not thought of for a lot of years until I completely loved the new movie.

    Still loving The Complete Works of T. S. Spivet today. Happy reading!

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