Fringe – Thoughts at the end of Season 1

The season final of Fringe aired Tuesday night and while it wasn’t exactly awesome, it was interesting. The whole show is probably a lot more fun if you really like complicated puzzles, which I don’t when I’m watching TV shows or movies. What keeps me coming back to Fringe are the interesting characters. J.J. Abrams and the writers he has working with him, know how to create interesting characters who make you want to know what happens to them. Though, Astrid is still more in the background than I’d like – hopefully she will have more to do next season.

(Plot spoilers under the cut)

The last few episodes have it clear that Fringe deals with alternate realities and due to something that Walter did there are now portals between at least two realities. People are able to cross over if they have the right technology or the right abilities. It was also revealed that Peter is in fact a Peter from the AU, and Walter went there to get him after his son died. William Bell has for whatever reason chosen to live in the AU. Is he hiding there or is there something about that reality that makes it the ideal location for whatever it is that he’s up to. What is this battle between the two AUs that is supposed to happen? Why will it happen? What are the children who were given the drug supposed to do?

The episode gave us more questions than answered and the answers we did get only led to more questions. On the other hand the episode set the stage for more seasons. The question for me is how much am I willing to watch. If we keep getting more questions without answers I’m probably going to get bored soon. I’m hoping that the next season will bring clarity to at least some of the plot lines. Especially how many AUs we’re actually dealing with and perhaps more about this battle that is supposed to be fought. For now though I’m willing to see what J.J Abrams comes up with next.

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