Movie Review: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

I saw X-Men: Origins: Wolverine and it’s a decent movie to watch if you like movies with a lot of action and fighting, but it doesn’t have much else going for it. The plot is very simplistic and far too predicable to be worth the 1 hour and 45 minutes it lasted. It definitely felt as though the fight scenes were extended as long as possible to show off special effects and choreographing skills – like a lot of movies these days. There were also some scenes that felt as though they were included only to add more time to the movie length.

On the other hand it does tell a decent story of Wolverine’s past and how he ended up where he was at the beginning of the first movie. If you enjoyed the three X-Men movies and enjoy long fight scenes it’s worth watching. If you enjoy catching glimpses of other mutants who appear in the other movies, it’s worth watching. I’d recommend waiting for it to come out on DVD and rent it though, since it’s not really worth the cost of a movie ticket. Also, having read Wikipedia’s article with the plot summary of the X-Men comic version of Wolverine’s past I have to admit I liked the comic better than the movie.

I’m sure there are fans of the comics who are worried that people who only know the movies will not appreciate who the characters truly are. For myself I always try to learn something about the original canon a remake is based on. I could do no less considering how I feel about the Star Trek movie that is coming out at the end of this week. A while back someone linked me to a very detailed site about X-Men and all of the characters that I have since lost. For now though Wikipedia has several pages on X-men with character descriptions worth reading to get a better idea of who the characters are. Just be aware there is a lot to read.

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2 Responses to Movie Review: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

  1. Jodie says:

    I feel you’re not a Jackman fan (which was my main reason for seeing the film). I agree the film was odd in places, like all the Xmen films but I still feel Jackman is perfectly cast as Wolverine. Oh and I enjoyed the appearance of Gambit because where has he been for the last three films?

    Question: If you had a brother you sort of had a nice moment with before he jumped off a concerete tower, which may possibly have crushed him would you be just a little curious about whether he’d survived or not?

    • Jen says:

      Only in the sense that I haven’t seen anything else he’s been in and have no desire to seek out his movies. I think he’s fine as Wolverine and Wolverine has been my favorite character in all of the films.

      I didn’t get the sense it was a “nice” moment – more that they basically said they’d never be able to stop fighting each other. I think Wolverine was just glad they didn’t have to fight more that day

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