Random Sunday…

Today’s Sunday Salon post is rather random …

First I’m still working my way through “Joplin’s Ghost” by Tananarive Due – It’s a decent book though at the moment I’m not sure how much I like the main character – Phoenix. It seems to me that Phoenix is pretty much in a bad situation of her own making – and I don’t get the feeling she had no other options (she says she could have gone to Juilliard but didn’t want to), so I’m not really sympathetic to her situation. It’s possible there is something I’m missing in this. On the other hand, there are hints that she’s realizing her mistakes and working towards something better so I’m hopeful that things turn around for her. The other issue is Joplin – the book switches from Phoenix’s timeline to Joplin’s in the past – telling us his story. So far there’s been more scenes in the past with Joplin than him as a ghost interacting with Phoenix. It’s slowly building up to something but at this point I’m more interested in the scenes with Joplin in the past than what’s happening in the present.

Once I finish “Joplin’s Ghost”, I’ll probably read “Ragamuffin” by Tobias Buckell – which I managed to find at my local Borders last week. His books seem to only be available through online sales, which is disappointing. On the page I linked to – the novel’s page on Buckell’s blog – you can read the first third of the book, plus short stories and other news related to it.

Speaking of Tobias Buckell, his wife recently had twins and they’ve been working hard figuring out how to get things done. On Friday Tobias made a blog post discussing the issue and the need for a babysitter they could get things done, but what caught my attention was the picture in the post of Tobias Buckell holding one of the twins while playing a video game. What was funny to me is it reminded me of the picture of my favorite actor, David Hewlett, holding his son while working on his computer.

And finally two interesting links to check out:

That’s it for this week, I think I might start making more of an effort to collect interesting links throughout the week to post on my Sunday Salon posts. Time to go see what everyone else is posting today.

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