General Thoughts on Reading – Two months later

For my first Sunday Salon post I thought I’d do an update on my reading so far this year.

It has been two months since I started this blog and three since I decided I was going to attempt to read more books this year. As I said in my original General Thoughts on Reading post I’m trying to read more than just science fiction/fantasy/young adult books. A quick look at my Books Read page shows I’ve not been reading any more young adult books, however they’re still all science fiction or fantasy. I do have a few Mystery books in my stack of books to read – but the rest are again science fiction or fantasy. On the other hand I’ve discovered Neil Gaiman one of my new favorite authors, not just because of his cool characters but he’s got a Web Site with a Blog, and a Twitter account – check them out sometime!

I’ve also been making an effort to read more books by authors of color this year – something I don’t think I’ve paid enough attention to before. I found the Diversity Rocks Challenge last month and signed up for it. I’m glad I did because I’m discovering several new authors I’d never heard of before – and probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t which is regretful. One of those authors wrote the book I’m currently reading – “Joplin’s Ghost” by Tananarive Due and I’m liking it so far even though the subject matter is not something I’d usually read (music isn’t something I pay a lot of attention to).

Other authors who I’d like to read more of include – Nalo Hopkinson, who edited Mojo: Conjure Stories – I’ve got her book “The New Moon’s Arms” in my to be read stack; Tobias Buckell whose short stories I’ve been reading for bit – I’d like to by some of his novels soon; and Nnedi Okorafor who wrote one of the stories in Mojo: Conjure Stories and I’d like to read her young adult books – “The Shadow Speaker” and “Zahrah the Windseeker”.

My reading goals for this year are to read 50 books, more books in genres other than science fiction and fantasy and more books by authors of color. Since reading 50 books in one year would mean reading a book a week I doubt I’ll reach 50 by the end of the year – but we’ll see. Since Science fiction is my favorite genre I’m probably going to end up reading mostly that no matter what I say about reading other genres. On the other hand, doing the Diversity Rocks challenge has been great for me since I’m discovering new authors and learning more which is always a good thing.

If anyone wants to recommend more books for me to read, please feel free.

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3 Responses to General Thoughts on Reading – Two months later

  1. vivienne says:

    Sounds like you are doing really well with your reading goals this year. Well done and welcome to Sunday Salon.

  2. Belle says:

    Welcome to Sunday Salon! Reading challenges have definitely lead me to new authors that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise, too.

  3. gavin says:

    Nalo Hopkinson is wonderful,isn’t she. I haven’t read Buckell or Okorafor but am now intrigued. You’ve set a great reading goals for the year, good luck!

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