“Mojo: Conjure Stories” edited by Nalo Hopkinson

“Mojo: Conjure Stories” edited by Nalo Hopkinson
Publication Date: 2003
ISBN: 0446679291
Number of Pages: 320

A collection of 19 stories by various authors that explore the perils of personal magic, by authors of fantasy and African Diaspora fiction. Some are historical while others take place in modern times. All of them are interesting reads – though some I liked better than others. My favorites include the following:

“Heartspace” by Steven Barnes – A man goes to see his father who wants to make peace before he dies, but things aren’t as they seem.

“The Prowl” by Gregory Frost – A man tells the story of coming to America on a slave ship and how he met a palatyi

“Fate” by Jenise Aminoff – Sometimes knowing the future isn’t such a good thing.

“Trial Day” by Tananariv Due – A young woman tries to save her brother’s life.

“Death’s Dreadlocks” by Tobias S. Buckell – Some boys fight death

“The Horsemen and the Morning Star” by Barbara Hambly – A story of evil and fighting it …

“Bitter Grounds” by Neil Gaiman – A dead man goes on a road trip…

“Shining Through 27/7” by devorah major – some radiation fun…

And now I’ve got a bunch of new authors to check out!

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