TV Shows of the Past: Babylon 5

I thought I would start writing up some posts about the shows I used to watch. Some of these posts will be longer than others depending on the show – and how much I remember about them. Some posts be about shows I watched from the beginning and loved, others will be about shows I only got to see a portion of for one reason or another.

I picked Babylon 5 for my first post in this category because I actually did have a flashback to Babylon 5 after reading a blog post by Sci Fi Scoop. It was a totally random reference to it but that night I dreamed about Babylon 5 and the things that happened on that show.

I’m not entirely sure how many episodes I’ve actually seen or if I saw them in any kind of order. I know how it begins and I know how it ends but the middle is a jumbled mess of scenes and events – some I can remember better than others. I remember certain characters and how they related to each other. I remember having fun watching the story unfold, even I did miss portions of the story.

This afternoon I discovered that Babylon 5 is available on (direct link the Babylon 5 page) – Seasons 1 and 2 only, but hopefully the rest will be up eventually. Season three episodes show up in the search results for “babylon 5” but they’re actually located on It’s also apparently captioned which is a nice surprise! I’m looking forward to seeing it again – it’s been a while and I never did get to see it any kind of order. I’m curious if I’ll like it as much now as I think I did then. Either way I’m looking forward to watching it again.

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