TV Shows I'm currently watching

Since I’m adding to what I’m posting here I thought I’d right up something about the shows I’m currently watching. I’m not sure yet if I will post commentaries for the individual episodes as I watch them – as I don’t usually have a lot to say about individual episodes – but you never know. I might just post some overall thoughts as the shows continue or information about them as it becomes available.

Fringe – my favorite science fiction show at this point. Love the characters and most of the episodes. I am hoping some things are explained and certain characters reveal which side they are on soon. There are couple elements that I’m not thrilled with but for now they aren’t keeping me from watching it. I love that Olivia is the lead character and that she’s such an awesome character at that. It’s not often that you see a strong female lead – especially in a science fiction show.

NCIS – a show I started watching somewhere in the middle and had to get the DVDs to see all of the episodes in the proper order. I still enjoy it but the last couple of seasons have gone down hill. Plots are being reused and they’re going for cheep laughs rather than developing the characters/plots further. I’m not sure if the writers are bored with the characters or if they’ve run out of ideas but either way the earlier seasons were much better than the current one. That’s not to say that there haven’t been some awesome episodes this season – because there have been a few – which is why I’m still watching it. Plus I still love the characters and I’m not ready to give up on them yet.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – a show I’m watching on and off. It’s a bit too depressing for me to pay full attention to but at the same time I’ve grown attached to the main characters. It’s also another show with strong female characters – which is always great to see. I just wish they’d stop killing John’s friends – the poor kid is going to end up insane by the time he ends up being the leader he’s supposed to be – which might actually be the point.

Numb3rs – another show I started watching somewhere near the middle and ended up buying the DVDs to catch up with all of the episodes. I love the characters and the family feel of the show. And the math is always fun.

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