"American Gods" by Neil Gaiman

“American Gods” by Neil Gaiman
Publication Date: 2003
Number of Pages: 624
ISBN: 978-0060558123

American Gods is a book I probably wouldn’t have read if I’d known more about it going in (which is a good case for why spoilers are bad) however I’m glad I read it.

I didn’t like it so much for the plot – as was a bit too dark and graphic for my preferences. There were times when I felt that the more graphic sections were being added in just to show how graphic and dark things could be, as they didn’t exactly further the plot any. On the other hand, gratuitous or not, given the subject matter of the book, it’s not all that surprising that it got that dark or graphic in places.

What really kept me reading was the main character, Shadow. It was wanting to know what would happen to him that made me keep reading all the way though. He’s an interesting, well developed character from the start and his interactions with the other characters are just as interesting. The road he travels is long and twisted and confusing but in the end, it’s his story that makes the book worth reading.

Despite the dark and sometimes graphic nature of this book I’m still interested in reading the author’s other books – especially if all his characters are as interesting as those in American Gods.

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